Taking Care of Your Scrap Metal in Macclesfield, Cheshire

Rather than leaving scrap metal lying around your premises, or keeping an unwanted car sat on your driveway, call Macclesfield Scrap Metal. Based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, we specialise in scrap car and metal collection. Not only do our professionals visit your location and safely remove the unwanted items, but we will also pay you for them.

Collecting Single Items

Save yourself the difficulty of loading a heavy item into your vehicle and taking a trip to the scrap yard by getting in touch with us. Our scrap dealers provide collection of single items free of charge. Taking care of any metal-filled item, such as a washing machine or oven, we will safely collect and remove the item before making a payment based on its weight.

Full Factory Clearance

One of our areas of expertise is full factory clearances. Our expert team will come to your factory and strip it bare, removing any parts or machinery that are fitted with metal. All of the metal is removed following a discussion with the client and the agreement of a quote. Alternatively, should you want to remove the metal yourself, we are able to supply skips and roll on/off bins for you to fill with the unwanted scrap.

Scrap Car Collection

Whether your car has been written off or you simply no longer want it, give us a call. During the initial call, we will provision an immediate quote which is based upon the make and model of the vehicle. Our team will then come to your location, collect the vehicle, and make the payment. Rest assured that the relevant DVLA certification will be sent to you via post after the collection has been completed.

Weigh and Pay

With our dealers, you can immediately receive payment for your scrap metal. Macclesfield Scrap Metal will come to your location and buy your unwanted copper, brass, aluminium, lead, or stainless steel. It will be weighed onsite before an immediate payment is made by cheque or BACS transfer. Please note that ID will need to be provided prior to payment by la.

We also have a fully calibrated weigh bridge available at our fully licenced yard. You can deliver your own waste metals and we can give you an instant price and arrange an instant bank transfer in no time at all.

CONTACT US NOW, in Macclesfield, Cheshire, to receive further information about our scrap car and metal collection.

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